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Marble Restoration Services

With time the scratches, scuffs, and other marks on the marble dull its shine. Marble loses its luster and the flooring in your home will look old. Having the marble floor restored to its original condition is only possible with the help of our Marble Restoration services. Our experts in Pompano Beach, FL follow a streamlined approach towards restoration. We clean the floors with the help of a soft sponge and use the polishing powder on it to remove the scuff marks. Further, we spackle and grout for the cracked tiles and leave the sealant overnight for a great finish. Get in touch with our experts today!


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Marble Polishing

Homeowners often look at the marble as a luxurious piece of flooring whose elegance can be restored using the polishers. Like tiles that need replacement, the marble pieces are polished using premium quality polishers to maintain their glossy appearance. We know that the shine and luster of the surface lose over time therefore our experts can help you restore the marble to its original state. Using the sanding and grinding approaches we flatten the floor surface and then sealers are applied to it for high-quality Marble Polishing. To remove all the scratches that reduce the sheen of your floor get in touch with our experts in Pompano Beach, FL.

Marble Sealing

Although the stone of the marble is quite appealing to look at there are a plethora of reasons to go for marble sealing. Specifically for the kitchen countertops and shelves where there are high chances for the stains. Our experts in Pompano Beach, FL use impregnator sealers that will penetrate the pores of the surface and leave a solid resin that sticks to the marble surface. This way the liquid if dropped won’t penetrate through the marble surface. Moreover, not only this perk but our sealants create a gentle traction to make your floor more slip-resistant. To block all sorts of foreign particles from getting into the marble surface you need to get in touch with us!

Marble Crystallization

No worries if you are short on budget and only want Marble Crystallization for your flooring. We are experts in marble flooring and can ace this job. Our marble experts in Pompano Beach, FL carry out the crystallization process by adding a spraying powder on the surface. Afterward, we polish it in the appropriate manner using the steel wool placed under the standard disc machine. Using the high-end chemicals we alter the surface of your floor so that it gains smoothness and luster. To achieve the true aesthetic effect of your flooring give us a call!

Marble repair(Granite terrazzo)

For the dull surface you might consider doing DIY to fix the problem yourself by polishing the surface using the polishing products. But for serious damages such as cracks and chips in the surfaces, you need to hire a professional. For Granite Terrazzo, our professionals in Pompano Beach, FL help you gain durability and longevity by filling all the cracks. Using the two-part liquid epoxy, we fill in the cracks and make your surface smooth. We overfill so that your marble remains firm and then wipe off the extra filling with a wet rag for a finished look. Call us now!

Mexican Tile (Grout cleaning)

 Mexican tile is a high-maintenance floor and if it’s not sealed and maintained then there is a higher chance that the floor will lose its shine after some time. The floor wears and tears and the finish into a clay drive that piles up the repair cost by hundreds of dollars. If you want to stay safe from the additional cost then you need to hire our experts for Grout cleaning. Our professionals in Pompano Beach, FL use high-end steamers to gather all the dust particles trapped in the grout. Give us a call for professional cleaning.

Driveway Pressure cleaning

Your driveway is probably the very first thing noticed by everyone who enters your property. If it’s not in good shape then you need to take special care of it to maintain its curb appeal. An early driveway wash means that the concrete surface stays clear and new for years. If the driveway preventive care is not taken then you are already shortening the lifespan of your driveway. For oil spillage and automobile leaks, we offer Driveway Pressure cleaning to remove all the tough stains. We pressure wash to clean the concrete and later apply an even coat of cleaner on it. Get in touch with our experts in Pompano Beach, FL!

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Welcome to Juan Mendez Marble, a place where you find marble experts for cleaning, refining, and installation. We master all the marble work using high-end equipment. All our materials are sourced from high-end brands therefore the quality is top-notch. We never compromise on the quality of the work and every time deliver the best results. Get in touch with our professionals in Pompano Beach, FL!

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I recently had my marble floors polished by Juan Mendez Marble, and I am extremely impressed with the results. The team was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable.

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Juan Mendez Marble did an excellent job restoring the marble countertops in my kitchen. They were able to remove stubborn stains and scratches, leaving the countertops looking flawless.

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I hired Juan Mendez Marble for marble sealing services, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They took the time to assess the condition of my marble surfaces and recommended the right sealant for long-lasting protection.

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The team at Juan Mendez Marble did an outstanding job crystallizing the marble floors in our home. The transformation is remarkable—the floors are now glossy, smooth, and resistant to wear and tear.

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